Jasci wines


Region: Trebbiano di Abruzzo DOC, Italy

: Elegant and delicate with hints of mature, yellow fruit, Spanish Broom flowers and vanilla.   Pleasant with good body, saltiness and freshness, with final notes of white-pulp fruit and almonds.


Region: Montepulciano di Abruzzo DOC, Italy

: Cherry red with violet-red highlights.   Fruity aroma with hints of cherry and strawberry, with a fresh and fruity taste, good body and an aftertaste of bitter almond.


Region: Montepulciano di Abruzzo DOC, Italy

: Ruby red, with hints of mature red fruits, jams and slight notes of cinnamon and vanilla. Balanced and harmonious with a touch of pleasant tannins


Region: Histonium IGT Abruzzo, Italy

: Pecorino is a rare white grape variety.  Lively in color, with elegant and delicate hints of mature yellow fruits.  Pleasant with good body, saltiness and freshness, with final notes of white-pulp fruit and almonds.


: Montepulciano di Abruzzo DOC, Italy

: Intense red; strong and full of personality. Full evolution of fruity and floral perfumes of wild forest fruits, vanilla, licorice and cinnamon.  Full-bodied sensations of fruit and woody tones; persistent aromatic length.

Manes Passito Rosso

: Terre di Chieti IGT, Italy

: A rare wine.   Grapes are handpicked when very ripe and left to dry in air racks.   When the wanted results are reached the grapes are gently pressed and left in maceration with the must for at least 15 days.  The aging is done in oak barrels and then wine is bottled and left fining for almost one year.

The result is an intense red with some sweet (but not overwhelming tones) with wild berries fruits and liquorices

The generous vineyards of Jasci have been handed down from generation to generation, forming an irreplaceable heritage and tie to the Earth. Located in the Abruzzo region, the sunny rolling hills between sea and mountain coupled with old fashioned techniques and modern technology have resulted in wines synonymous with quality and genuineness.

The Jasci family personally participates in every stage of their wine production throughout the art of their viticulture, while respecting Mother Earth and her best products. The wines are tenderly cared for throughout creation, and then are stored in the Jasci cellar, which was constructed and prepared in part by using modern and functional organic architecture, where they rest and mature with close attention.

Since 1980, Jasci wines have been certified
organic by the Soil and Health Association, which guarantees the organic production of their grapes in the Colli in Vasto and the Masseria Martina in Pollutri, as well as all the winemaking processes.

The vineyards are cared for daily in order to identify preventive measures needed in each of the winemaking phases, which preserves the genuineness of the fruits of that delicate balance between technology and tradition that is Jasci.

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