BRANCHINI 1858 Societa' Agricola - GEMMA RUBIA
Location: Dozza (BO), Emila Romagna, Italy
Vineyards extension:  60 acres
Vine growing:  Sustainable (EISA)
Wine making:  Sustainable
Grapes grown: Marani, Maestri, Grasparossa, Malbo Gentile, Ancelotta, Montericco
People at the winery:  Marco Branchini
Gemma Rubia winery is situated in the Tresinaro Valley where the first hills of Reggio Emilia are. The winery enjoys a climate perfect for vine growing.  The soil is various but it is mainly red clay with calcareous pebbles. The vineyards are all cared in not invasive way. The climate has thermal excursion, but winters are never harsh and summers can be very hot and humid, a climate survivable by few grape varietals.   The winery started operations in 1900 and was located very close to the 'Rocca del Boiardo' a famous local castle of XII century.  In that small cellar the grapes were squeezed and the must was resting in casks to obtain a wine more pleasant to the palate.  With the acquisition of the last vineyards to a total of about 60 acres, the cellar has been moved to a new building outside the town.  Gemma Rubia focus on the production of lambrusco from varietals Marani Maestri and Grasparossa, plus, depending of the style of wine, Ancelotta Montericco (secco or the dry) and Malbo Gentile (amabile or sweet).      Winemaking is traditional with the use of second fermentation carried in stainless steel tanks.

Gemma Rubia presentation

Made of mainly Marani and Maestri grapes with some Grasparossa and Albesotta, this wine sees 4 days of cold maceration in order to extract the complexity and freshness.  The wine has a deep purple color with refreshing fragrance of violets.  The mouth is sapid and slightly tannic.  It is the perfect  companion for the Emilia Romagna dishes such as red meat with polenta, lasagna wiith ragu, charcuterie and generally game dishes.

Made of mainly Marani and Maestri grapes with some Malbo Gentile and Albesotta, this wine has 4 days maceration at controlled temperature in order to extract the freshness and complexity. The fermentation is stopped at 7% alcohol.  Ruby red with gentle and persistent foam has a bright refreshing acidity. with intense blueberries dark cherry flavors.  To be paired with charcuterie chicken or turkey dishes and quiches.