Miru' Azienda agricola
Location: Ghemme (NO) Piedmont, Italy
Vineyards extension: 20 acres - crus Cavenago, Rossini and Carelle
Vine growing:  Non Interventionist, practicing organic, EISA Sustainable
Wine making:  Non interventionist  - practicing organic
Grapes grown:  Erbaluce, Nebbiolo, Uva Rara, Vespolina
People at the winery:  Marco Arlunno
Miru’ name dates back to 1500... in old writings of that era, a winemaking family in Ghemme area was mentioned from the fraction Arlunno, called Miru’. Most recent story is from 900;  grandpa Pietro was well known winemaker; then the industrialization and twoWorld Wars gutted demand to almost nothing. His son Eugenio dedicated his life to restore viticulture.  In the 90’s Bruna Zecchinato has raised the bar of what this amazing producing area has become. In 2009 her nephew, Marco Arlunno, took over.  20 acres (8 hectares) are now owned, including some of the most precious vineyards in Ghemme area like Cavenago, Rossini and Carelle.  Grapes are Nebbiolo, of course, as well as Vespolina and Uva Rara for reds and Erbaluce for whites.  Traditional winemaking means no shortcut is taken. Their Ghemme takes usually 10 years to be released (Riserva even more).  It is worth the wait.
All our wines are produced by grapes from our vineyards without use of pesticides. We use viticulture practices that are in line with sustainability; grass mowing, no systemic or pesticides, we monitor harmful insects and we trap them only if absolutely necessary.  In that case we act by releasing insects that are antagonistic to the ones that are spreading out so we can rebalance the environment.  At the cellar we work with native yeast without using any winemaking enhancer (albumin gelatins, arabic gum, enzymes and all modern tricks). We either use some stainless for first fermentation but mainly we prefer to have the wines in casks (no barriques or tonneaux) so they can balance themselves over time.  We avoid sulfite use.  We prefer to use during racking and at bottling a gas like argon or nitrogen, which are creating a barrier to oxidation but they do not get into the wine.’  Marco Arlunno

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A true essence of Ghemme terroir.  Harvested by hand at the end of September, the wine is fermented first in stainless then moved for about a year in casks.  Light ruby red it has an intense nose of violets and spices.  The mouth is pleasant with violets again and cherries.  A very versatile wine that can pair well with soft to medium chesses, charcuterie, risotto and main courses.

Vespolina  is one of the grapes unique to the so called Alto Piemonte the area that sits Northern and close to the Alps.  Like Nebbiolo at Miru’ they harvest the grape at the end of September beginning of October.  After one month in stainless it spends about 2 years in casks before being bottled.   Bright ruby red this one has a definite white and pink pepper nose.  In the mouth the light spiciness is met with flavors of blackberries and blueberries.  Very lively.  Can be enjoyed on its own.  We find this wine pairing well medium to hard cheeses, charcuterie, main courses.


Made with 90% Nebbiolo, 7% Vespolina and 3% Uva Rara.  Grapes are harvested at the end of October.  After a month maceration in stainless the wine is moved in casks where it will finish fermentation malolactic and ageing.  The long ageing brings out a wine that shows truly the complexity of Ghemme.  Color:  ruby red with purple nuances.  On the nose there are red fruits, cherries, white pepper, violets, leather and tobacco.  In the mouth the wine has rose hints, violets, blackberries and raspberries, oranges, cherries, tobacco again and a long finish.  Pairs best with hard cheeses, main dishes.