Nino Barraco
Location: Marsala (TP) Sicily, Italy
Vineyards extension: 28 acres
Vine growing:  Natural - organic certfied since 2014
Wine making:  Natural - non interventionist
Grapes grown:  Catarratto, Zibibbo, Grillo, Perricone (Pignatello), Nero D'Avola
People at the winery:  Nino Barraco, Angela Barraco, Paolo Parrinello
" me natural wine is a wine that has been made without using of chemicals and comes from vines untouched by chemicals... traditional wine is the   one that grandpa was making and you continue to do... natural wine is a step further; there is the knowledge that you are not just using chemicals as conscious action that brings life into your territory and acting accordingly... I am not interested in making the perfect wine but to make a wine typical of   
its land and territory where its imperfections are part of the beauty in it.."  Nino Barraco

Nino Barraco winery was created by Nino (Antonino) Barraco and his wife Angela back in 2004.  Nino took over the 7 hectares that his father and Angela's family had and later added some more, to reach ten hectares. The winery is based in the area of Marsala, western   part of Sicily, an area of enormous potential, even though way too often from that region, there are wineries devoted to mass produced  wines.   Nino adventure started some years before, while he was in Palermo as a political science student; in his spare time he started  making wine and sold it to a little but quite famous bistro' and wine bar there.   That wine was so good that became immediately a cult for the locals.  Barraco always focus was to make wine in a natural way and all his fermentations have been since then made on native yeast.  While he never sought certification, strict organic practices are enforced both in the vineyards and in the cellar. Wines are very specific to the terroir and varies not only vintage by vintage but noticeably to specific vineyards.  Today Nino Barraco winery is one of the most reputable Sicilian producers.  Grapes used are the indigenous of the area:  Grillo, Catarratto, Zibibbo for the whites and Nero D'Avola and    Pignatello aka Perricone for the reds. The new cellar has been completed in time for 2015 harvest and recently Nino has been able to purchase some vineyards that will be strategic to even more unique wines from him.   About 40 thousands bottles are made today with the potential to grow to 60 thousands over time.
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Vignammare means vineyard on the sea, as this vineyard is truly less than 200 feet from the shore.  Made of Grillo grapes from a vineyard based in "contrada Corleo" in Petrosino, this wine wants to exploit a different soul than the following Grillo which is a much bigger wine.   Color is a pale straw, with a slight cloudy tone as the wine is unfiltered. The nose is complex and flowery: sea water first then fruit scents such as cantalupe, peaches apricots. The mouth delivers a complex wine with a very vibrant acidity, limey, and an exquisite saltiness - the one that only can come from a vineyard placed so close to the sea; long finish.  You can understand what Barraco meant when he said that he made this wine to pair with oysters. 
Based on the same principles of Vignammare the Rosammare (roses by the sea) it is a wine made with Nero D'Avola in a rose' version (or short maceration as Barraco uses basket press not bladder press).  The vineyard is based in Contrada Ceusa, Marsala.  This rose' has a color with some cloudy notes as the wine is unfiltered and bottled with part of the fine lees. The nose is of red fresh fruits with intense raspberry notes.  The mouth delivers a refreshing bright acidity with raspberries and cherry notes.  A full meal wine for sure.  It also can be paired with some decadent  dark chocolate desserts such as a flourless chocolate cake.
From the vineyard based in Abbadessa in Marsala a unique interpretation of this grape variety.  
Left macerating on skins but taking just the free run of the must the wine goes thru fermentation on native yeast and malolactic.  The result is a wine with and intense deep yellow.  The nose is complex of yellow flowers, lemon zest and oranges.  The mouth is full with both notes of oranges and tangerine and nutmeg and smoky flavors.
From a vineyard based in Casazze - Marsala, a dry Zibibbo (aka Moscato D'Alessandria).   Basket press, 5 days maceration fermentation in stainless on native yeast.  Malolactic follows usually in spring. Like all whites from Barraco wine rests on fine lees. The color is an intense yellow.  The nose is very aromatic with apricot, grapefruit and bergamot.  The mouth is complex, with hints of mint and lemon zest at starting evolving bergamot and orange and dried apricots and a long finish
From Rina Vecchia vineyard based in Castelvetrano there is an outstanding example of what grillo grape can become.   After a short maceration the grapes are manually pressed and just the free run is taken.  The wine ferments on native yeast and is left on its own on fine lees.
Golden yellow in color this wine has a nose at first reminiscing of a riesling with petroleum notes and an
aroma of candied lemon apricots and toasted hazelnuts; these notes follow you in a mouth, full, almost opulent with some saltiness like anchovies juice.
From the vineyard based in contrada Giudeo in Marsala a pure version of Pignatello grape (also known as Perricone).  Barraco is one of the very few producers making this wine without mixing it with other varieties.
After grapes are manually harvested they get left macerating on stainless steel for ten days.  As usual
with Barraco wines the fermentation and the malo are spontaneous.  The wine rests for about a year in stainless steel before bottling where it stays fining for another six months.   A ruby red in color with a nose of red fruits such as raspberries strawberries and red currants, blueberries as well.  In the mouth Barraco' Pignatello is vibrant and refreshing delivering red fruits flavors with some salty notes. 
From the vineyard based in contrada Bausa in Marsala the Nero D'Avola grapes are manually harvested toward the end of September.  The grapes are left macerating on skins for 15 days;  a following hand pressing follows.  Absolutely no inoculation it is done, both for alcoholic fermentation and malolactic.  Wine rests in stainless steel for about a year before bottling and fining another 6 months.  The result is a wine with an intense deep red in color.  The nose is of ripe cherry, black mulberry, anisette, capers and cocoa.  In the mouth is full yet vibrant with flavors similar to the nose.  Long finish.
Millocca is one of the traditional Marsala from Nino Barraco, so traditional that to call it a Marsala (too often an industrialized product now days) would be diminish it.   From the Nero D'Avola vineyard, sometimes the grapes get dried out due to the Scirocco a warm  wind that blows from the sea and it is originated  in Africa.  In such condition the wine gets plenty of sugar and the native fermentation does not convert all sugars in alcohol.   After a maceration of 18 days,  Nino puts this wine in chestnut cask.  The wine will rest there without being re-filled, using the technique of traditional Marsala for.   The color is of a deep red.  The nose has ripe cherry, licorice,  cocoa, anisette and capers.   In the mouth is full both with an acidity that makes it vital but a little sweet of ripe dates and dried figs then the cherry and the cocoa still very evident.  A full meal wine, it pairs best with sharp cheeses or foie gras, sumptuous chocolate desserts or to be enjoyed on its own.
Is the second of the single vintage, single variety traditional Marsala made at Barraco.  The grapes are harvested when overripe and they are left macerating for 2 days.  Then the wine is moved to chestnut cask that gets re-filled just in the first 2 years.  Bottled after 8 years ageing.   With a dark yellow color this wine has an intense nose of dried apricots, tangerine, toasted hazelnuts and almonds.  The mouth is full and vibrant, sapid.  The both opulence and acidity bring flavors of dried figs, hazelnuts and almonds and walnuts abut also tangerine, orange and zesty notes.  A full meal wine that brings out its best with oysters and raw fish if chilled; at room temperature instead is best with mild  to hard cheeses, white meat dishes, desserts particularly if almonds or fig based (Sicilian bucellato for example).
This classic method is made of Grillo.  Grapes were harvested in early 2011 - same mass of the Vignammare basically with no maceration.  Then once bottled end of February the second fermentation in the bottled was started by using native yeast vats sediments and cane sugar.  Wines were then disgorged end of 2016 as pas dose’.  No sulfites added during the process as well. This wine has a deep yellow color, on the nose is reminiscent of almonds, pan brioche, honey, iodine and flint.  Mouth is full vibrant deep like very few sparkling wines can deliver.  It is powerful, it is sparkling but it is Marsala terroir; toasted almonds and hazelnuts, capers and anchovies, thyme are just some of the flavors and sensations you will explore in this complex salty yet refreshing glass.