Terre di Gioia - Terre Dominici
Location: Ala di Trento (TN) Sequals (PN), Italy
Land for vine growing:  200+ acres
Vine Growing: sustainable agriculture (EISA)
Wine Making: sustainable procedures.
Grapes grown: Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Mueller Thurgau, Pinot Nero, Marzemino, Refosco
At the winery: Albino Armani, Egle Capilupi
'Our family started farming in 1607...The common denominator of our wineries are the Alps that surround us.  It is a territory that we love and protect.  We work our lands with sustainable practices so we can give to future generations the ability to enjoy at least what we have and hopefully more.'  Albino Armani 

In a wild and majestic land covered in mountains and forests that extend to the horizon, the Adige River meanders through valley infused with thriving vineyards. The breathtaking landscape, cut by the typical pergola and spalliere trellising system of grape vines, is interrupted here and there by small villages and castles. Welcome to Vallagarina!
This picturesque land of today resembles the land of yesterday in many ways; not only does it continue to connect Trentino, South Tyrol, with Veneto, but the locals continue to work and be one with the land as they have for centuries.
According to the chronicles of this robust land, the Armani Family settled in the village of Chizzola di Trento, and Domenico Armani started the family tradition of great vine growers and winemakers in the seventeenth century. Today the Armani family continues to work this land and love its vines. In keeping with family tradition, the Armani's continue to select the   most desirable land and the heartiest vines for their wines.
For centuries, the Armani family has continued to expand its vineyards into three different regions: Trentino-South   Tyrol,   Veneto, and Friuli. The wines produced in these three   regions, such as the Refosco Dal Peduncolo Rosso or the Muller Thurgau, express their unique flavors and local flair in their taste.
The Armani Family is passionate and protective of its vines, and, as a result, the Terre di Gioia brand has been born from   selection of the best vines in their estates located in Chizzola (Trentino), Sequals (Friuli), and Dolce' (Veneto) under Terre Dominici winery name. This new brand is a tribute to the forefather Domenico who believed that in order to have a bright future one must have deep roots in the past.  Terre di Gioia wines are noble wines that are easy to drink and have an elegant style. Their smooth, fruity tastes are a direct result of their land and an expression of its beauty.

Terre di Gioia presentation
From Friuli winery, based in Sequals,  in the Carnic Alps 'high GRAVE', North Eastern part of Italy. Harvest is done in mid September.  Fermentation in stainless steel on fine lees.  This Pinot Grigio is crisp aromatic and refreshing; it has hints of melon and pineapples with an almond finish. Perfect as an aperitif or with pasta/fish dishes.

From Friuli winery, based in Sequals. From Friuli winery, based in Sequals.  Harvest is done in early September.  Fermentation in stainless steel on fine lees. This Sauvignon Blanc is fresh with an aromatic bouquet including tomato leaf hints of lemon, pineapple and elder.  It is perfect with light soup and fish.


This Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) is coming from the vineyards located in Trentino, Ala di Trento to be exact, above 1000ft elevation.   Being Trentino a big valley the wide light exposure compared to the direct sun exposure and the thermal excursion guarantees freshness and complexity.   As a result the Pinot Nero is intense in flavor with a silky texture of black cherry and an aroma that will certainly please your palate.

From Ala di Trento winery.  Marzemino Gentile is one of the most interesting grape varieties of Trentino.  Known as the Mozart wine (as mentioned in Don Giovanni, and the musician was fond of wine - too much and particularly of this variety) is typical of the area of Ala and Rovereto where the soil has a characteristic basaltic rocks and therefore full of  manganese.  The wine has medium size body, a dark  ruby almost purple color but with a delicate and unmistakable nose of violets.  The taste is fragrant of wild cherries and bilberries.  Perfect with pasta with mushrooms and main courses with white or red meat and potatoes, but also on its own.